Miloslav Druckmüller: Moon mathematicians under the lens 

2014-08-02- Ping photography world

Shooting eclipse perhaps the most challenging astronomical photography. First, the light and shade of the transients, the photographer needs to quickly adjust the camera parameters are accurate; Secondly, if the shooting fails, you may need to wait several years. Czech mathematician Miloslav Druckmüller is a total solar eclipse fanatic who chase shot. Through his time and accurate calculation of the eclipse track, from 1980 to date to India, Chile, Angola, France, Zambia, Australia, Uganda, Kenya and many other places to shoot a total solar eclipse. Miloslav think it presents a challenging eclipse photos, each map requires a different degree of multiple exposure image synthesis. Distinguish between the use of highly sophisticated software, through the adaptation of human vision can be filtered in order to obtain such a different moon scene.-Sorry  for the translation!

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Sorry  for the translation!

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  1.  Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette film
  2. unknown by José Ignacio Sorrel Zacharias
  3.  by Fritz Goro
  4. "burn in pink" by Geric Alonzo

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From Silver Mine
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Maurice Schilling

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Franz Falckenhaus (b. 1975, Bartoszyce, Poland) - Dream aka Taking Off, 2013     Collages
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Yayoi Kusama, Infinity Nets
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